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What happens when ambition becomes obsession- and what is the true price to be paid?

Hilda Hastings gives birth in shame, but when John Rust proposes marriage, it seems her son can only benefit. But even as a child, Alfred is discontented. In his quest to become prosperous and with an obsessive desire to own Ridley Hall and its estate, he cheats his wife, takes a mistress and schemes his way to amassing great wealth. Vain, extravagant and with a penchant for the seedy, he is not only wicked, but crafty as well. Yet, as he acquires money so he loses it and when his debts threaten to overwhelm him, he concocts one last plan. But will the woman he trusts provide him with an alibi?

A Victorian tale of greed and loss, of love and cruelty, inspired by a true story.




Margaret Callow’s Victorian novel about crime, obsession and deceit will be available from all major distributors.

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