by Marlene Lee

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There are mysteries everywhere, even in a quiet place like Brooks Beach.

Humboldt and Maggie Denton start to believe that Detective Scoville of the Sheriff’s office might be the most intriguing mystery of them all.

Three Blind Mice

When Duanne Glynnis disappears, Humboldt Denton feels sure he knows why; but it takes Jim Scoville of the Sheriff’s Office to uncover the whole truth, leaving Humboldt wondering if he knows his neighbours at all.

Always on Thursday

Rhonda Rhinehart came to Brooks Beach every Thursday, and on a Thursday she was found dead in the alley between the Knotty Pine and the Falkenburgs’ house. Guy Falkenburg is the prime suspect – and once more Humboldt Denton finds his certainties overturned by Detective Scoville.

Recesses of the Mind

Jim Scoville is cool and undemonstrative, an imperturbable detective; but when crime strikes close to home, threatening those he loves, he reveals a side of himself that no-one, least of all Humboldt and Maggie Denton, ever suspected.

Scoville is a unique and compelling character, more Maigret than Marlowe, in these subtle
novellas written in her own inimitable style by Marlene Lee, author of ‘The Absent Woman’
and ‘Rebecca’s Road.’


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