B. Lloyd


A Bustle attached to a keyboard, occasionally to be seen floating on a canal …
After studying Early Music followed by a brief career in concert performance, the Bustle exchanged vocal parts for   less vocal arts i.e. a Diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.

Her inky mess, both graphic and verbal, can be found in various regions of the Web, and appendaged to good  people’s works (for no visible reason that she can understand).

Now a rather chuffed member of the Crime Writers’ Association (one of those daggers would come in awfully handy for cutting up fruit) …

More here :
The Julia Warren Mysteries
& here : Bustling Along Bookselves

For those who enjoy Twittery, do drop by @JuliaFWarren as she enjoys a chat
(Warning: Please expect occasional bouts of nonsense).”

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